"everything should be made as simple
as possible, but not simpler."
- Albert Einstein


ij SINCE 2005 we have been helping businesses, charities, schools, institutes, government departments and individuals establish their own unique presence online.
Our commitment to the customers we work with is to work with integrity, dedication, clear and transparent dialogue and see all projects through to the end to the satisfaction of all concerned.

We are headquarted in Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, a dynamic city at the forefront of much British technological innovation.
However, in a truly global work environment, we have team members working in different parts of the world to give us a truly international perspective, each bringing their unique cutural insight and flair to our products and software.



We began with simple website development for small to medium sized businesses, companies looking for a professional solution with support and ongoing development.
Included with this was the provision of domain registration and dedicated hosting services. Something we still operate today.

In those days, we were quite involved in design, layout and digital print but have since shifted away from these mediums to focus predominantly on web related technology.



Our product success opened up new opportunities to develop more sophisticated platforms such as e-Commerce websites for businesses looking to sell online; integration of sites with payment gateways to allow online transactions; our own bespoke Content Management Systems, empowering people to create their own web pages via our powerful software; membership site platforms allowing anyone to start and build a community of members online and earn income online.

Additionally, we develop commercial software for multi-platforms.

Currently, we have a number of diverse in-house projects in development.
Periodically, we run regional and national seminars for business and the individual on how to market and sell online, setting up an online business, starting in e-commerce, and other helpful seminars/workshops.

Our Venture Capital division is always seeking new investment opportunities to give young start-ups a chance to take their innovation to the wider market. This we do through partnership financing, expertise, shared resources, product development and access to our market-proven range of business tools and strategies to ensure success.



We provide key consultancy to anyone interested in the work we have listed above.

We are determined to see people succeed online and our track record and experience have helped many to turn an idea to income, to transform their business from mediocre to market leading.

Ian Jupp, Managing Director
101 Net Solutions Ltd